Hardy Perfect Reels Royal Commemorative Set

Limited Edition, JimsFlyCo has 30 Hardy Royal Commemorative Reels Sets coming. Each commemorative set includes the King and Queen Hardy Perfect reels.

Hardy Perfect Fly Reels Royal Commemorative Set

The limited edition Hardy Royal Commemorative Sets are a once in a lifetime opportunity.

How to Order

The Hardy Royal Commemorative Set cost is $3,500. The sets will ship to us in August, 2023.

Pay 1/2 down ($1,750) now and the other half when we receive the sets. Deposit is non-refundable.

Special Offer: Pre-Pay Now $3,350 and Save $150! This special early-buy offer ends June 15, 2023. (Note: $1,750 non-refundable, if cancelled prior to delivery.)

Free Shipping in Lower 48 States.

For questions, or to place an order email Jim Slattery at jimsflyco@aol.com, or call 986-497-4433.