All About Hardy SINTRIX® Rods

Hardy® SINTRIX rod blanks are an amazing breakthrough in carbon fiber fly rods. In a nutshell, Hardy has found a way to combine silica nano spheres, high modulas carbon fibers and high-tech epoxy resins into an incredible light weight rod with amazing strength and power. When compared to the average carbon fiber rods the Hardy SINTRIX 440 and SINTRIX 550 fly rods are 60% stronger in compression strength and 30% lighter in weight.

Difference Between SINTRIX® 330, 440 and 550

Hardy offers today three different variations in SINTRIX rod blanks – SINTRIX 330, 440 & 550.

  • The SINTRIX 330 is less costly than the 440 or 550 and offers a better compression strength than traditional carbon fiber rods.
  • The SINTRIX 440 hits a home run with a fast action rod that is very light weight, has great compression strength and power combined with a soft tip to protect your tippets and accuracy at short to mid ranges.
  • The SINTRIX 550 is the power horse of the three. It boosts the same amazing light weight and tremendous compression strength as the 440 blanks but is slightly stiffer to power larger flies longer distances even in windy conditions.

SINTRIX® 330 Rods

The SINTRIX 330 rods give great performance in a less costly, light weight, medium fast fly rod. Refined middle-to-tip rod action makes these rods a fun to cast all day long. The Hardy Jet fly rod series and the 6 piece, Hardy® Demon Smuggler Fly Rod series are both made from the SINTRIX 330 rod blanks.

SINTRIX® 440 Rods

For most fly fishermen we associate the Hardy SINTRIX 440 with the Hardy Zenith fly rods that won various fly rod shoot outs for 5wt fly rods. Recently Hardy replaced the Zenith with the new improved Hardy Zephrus fly rod which offers better accuracy at short and medium distances than the Zenith rods. The Hardy Zephrus is the best all around trout rod for beginners to advanced fly fishermen looking for small dry fly accuracy or swinging larger soft hackle fly patterns on small streams to large rivers.

SINTRIX® 550 Rods

The SINTRIX 550 created a new rod category for Hardy. The Hardy WRAITH fly rod is the first fly rod offered by Hardy with the SINTRIX 550 carbon fiber technology. Although some reviews say the WRAITH is not as accurate a shorter distance it is a powerful rod at mid to long range and has the strength to shoot a streamer or big fly with laser accuracy. This rod is a killer rod for fly fishing smallmouth bass, salmon, and pike as well as trout on big rivers or lakes where big flies and distance is needed and wind is always an issue.

Hardy SINTRIX Rod Contruction